Frequently asked questions

Are laserpointers legal to use?

All laserpointers that we sell fully comply with European law under the norm: EN 60825-1:2014. Other laser pointer shops sell illegal laser pointers that are dangerous to use that is why we advise only to buy Starlightlasers® laserpointers which is the only brand in Europe that has fully legal and powerful laser pointers.

Which is the most powerful laserpointer?

Green laserpointers are a lot more powerful than red and violet laser pointers, this is because the human eye can see green better than red and violet colours. So if you’re looking for a strong laser-pointer we advise to look at the: Professional green laser-pointers or the smaller green laserpointers

How long does it take to receive my order?

99% of the time you will receive your order within 2/3 days after you order:

  • All orders goes through the mailbox so no need to stay at home
  • Shipping with track and trace
  • Shipping is free over £50 and only £4,95 under £50
Which laserpointer do you recommend to scare of gooses and other birds?

There 2 laserpointers we recommend to scare goose and other birds:

Is it possible to get a discount?

We buy our laserpointers from the laserpointer wholesaler Starlight lasers® because our margin is little we already have great prices which is why discounts are only possible on 50 units or more.

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