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Thanks to the high quality from Starlightlasers® you can count on the best and strongest laserpointer you can buy. During the day you can see a clear dot in green,red or violet and in the dark you will be amazed by a strong laserbeam. Suited for many applications, for business and personal use. Order your laserpointer easily online which is 100% safe to use and complies with European laserpointer safety law under: 2014/59/EU.

In our wide selection laserpointers and laser pointers you can choose from 3 beautiful colours. Looking for a green, red or violet laserpointer? Even within these color ranges you can choose from different models. Buy one of the professional laserpointers or choose a more commonly used consumer laserpointer. Always for the best price and shipped for free with track and trace from £50. We love to help you find your perfect starlightlasers® laserpointer so you will be fully satisfied.

Buy green laser pointer? Buy red laser pointer? or want to buy a purple laser pointer?

Curious what colours we have in store? Check out the list:

Green laserpointer

The green laserpointer is traditionally the most popular choice. The green laser can be used for many different applications. Thanks to its wavelength of 532nM you can see the laser-beam clearly during the day and night. Note: Want to use the green laser pointer in a creative way? Some models include a pattern lens to make cool figures with.

Red laserpointer

The red laserpointer is especially useful for business use. You can use red laser pointers during presentations or as a tour guide. Want to show objects in constructions or use it for a different application? The red colour is clearly visible, which is why professionals love to use red lasers in a business environment.

Purple/violet laserpointer

Standing our with the laserpointer or laser pointer that you buy? Then its a good idea to choose a violet laserpointer. Some people also call violet, purple or blue laserpointers. Because it holds the middle of these 2 colours we like to call it violet. It's a less common choice compared to green and red laser pointers which are far more popular.

Online you have the choice between different colours laserpointers. Within the laserpointers you have different models so you can compare which suits you the best. We have all laserpointers in stock and guarantee a very fast shipping with track and trace so you know when your laser pointer arrives. Good to know: all laser pointers fit through the mailbox so you don't need to be at home.

Professional and consumers

You can choose from different colours, just like different models laserpointers. Need a cheap laserpointer model mostly used by consumers? These are the laserpointers mostly used to play with your cat or a different pet. They are perfect for a unique gift and you can always use them to shine at the stars or clouds during the night.

If your looking for a more professional laserpointer? These are the more powerful laserpointers, which can produce a clear beam during the day and night. Off-course all our laserpointers comply with the law so you know its safe to use.

Free batteries and battery charger included on all laser pointers

The laserpointers that we sell work on 2x AAA batteries or on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, depending on the model you choose. In both cases we include the batteries that you need for free. This means you can start using the laserpointer right away in your house or at the office, without first looking for the correct batteries. All professional laser pointers also come with a free battery charger so you can recharge your battery whenever you want.

100% safe to use by European law under: EN 60825-1:2014

All laserpointers fully comply by European norms and laws. This means you can safely use your laserpointer without the risk of getting harmed. Off-course keep in mind that a laserpointer in general is not accepted in all locations. For example you can't shine at airports and in football stadiums. If you keep those things in mind you can safely purchase the consumer and even the professional laserpointers. Our products are the best of the best when looking at safety and quality so you don't have to worry about this.

Suited for different applications

Curious about the different applications you can use a laserpointer for? Check out the following list:

  • Scaring goose
  • Presentations
  • Astronomy
  • Tour guides
  • Pointing at objects at construction
  • Shining at the stars
  • Playing with your pet
  • Unique gift

Besides, laser-pointers are a unique gift for most people to give and receive, to surprise someone in a fun unexpected way. Spoil yourself with a beautiful laserpointer, use it for business or personal use. Not for you, make someone else happy with a cool laserpointer by

Buy laserpointer: free shipping

We have a huge stock laser-pointers to make sure you receive your laser pointer lightning fast with tracking. Order over £50 and get free shipping so you don't need to make any extra costs to get your powerful laser pointer.

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